Page 6 - Raymac Sink & Tap Brochure 2012

Stainless Steel
Topmount, Sit-On, Undermount & Apron Front
Brushed Finish
has a distinctive
grained finish and is
ideal for matching
with stainless steel
Satin Finish
has an even soft
silk finish.
a more fine woven
effect than Linen
and is more resistant
to scratches than the
standard finishes.
Linen Finish
has a woven effect
giving an attractive
lustre and is
excellent at with-
standing scratches.
Polished Finish
has a shimmering
reflective quality.
Stainless Steel remains the most popular medium for kitchen sink production. It’s not
difficult to realise when you consider it’s main attributes:
Heat Resistant
Stainless Steel is highly heat resistant, so much so that hot pans straight from the stove can
rest safely on the sink - a highly useful thing when juggling the pasta.
A totally non-porous surface is easy to keep clean and consequently more Hygienic.
Impact Resistant
Stainless Steel is the most forgiving material for impact and is the least likely material to
damage your best china or glassware whilst remaining unscathed itself.
These are found in almost all cleaning solutions and det ergents and if left on the sinks for
long periods can be damaging. They are water soluble, however, if you rinse away residues
after each use and a weekly clean with a stainless steel cleaner is all that is needed t o keep
your sink looking bright and shiny.
Like most metallic finishes, your stainless steel sink will scratch. Don’t worry, these are
simply usage marks that will will eventually blend into the overall finish of the sink.
Water Quality
The quality of your water can affect the appearance of your sink. When water has a high
iron content a brown stain can form on the surface giving the appearance of rust. Remove
mineral deposits and scaling by soaking in a solution of 3 par ts hot water and 1 part white
vinegar, and then dry it with a soft cloth to prevent further limescale build-up.
Plastic Washing-up Bowls
It is not advisable to use a washing-up bowl as they tend to pick up grit particles and the
bottom of the bowl can act like sandpaper leaving an area of concentrated tiny scratches.
Instead try using a wire basket that are available with most models.
Care and Cleaning
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