Page 236 - Raymac Sink & Tap Brochure 2012

Zip HydroTap
Tap Font Accessory
Tap Font
includes tap extension)
The tap font allows you to locate this tap independently on a work top, it simply
drains any spillages and is plumbed into the water drainage system.
The font includes a tap extension element that raises the tap by 100mm.
Black Chrome
Gold Plate
Brushed Chrome
Activate the safety lock at any
time. When the safety lock is
activated, access to boiling
water requires finger/thumb
operation. Red light confirms
when lock is activated.
Filter change light signals
change is due, either based on
water volume or days in service.
Control Panel
Located on under-counter unit
for programming sleepmode,
timer, water temperature and
water delivery.
Zip Heaters, the world leader for boiling
water, introduced the Zip HydroTap into
the UK market in 2005. Since that time it
has changed the way that people have
boiled water. Whichever model is chosen
you can be quite certain of one thing
nobody offers a more advanced boiling
and chilled water system for your home
than Zip. HydroTap is available in boiling
and chilled, boiling and ambient, boiling
only and chilled only.
Cost will vary according to to the power
supplier and your usage. Assuming a cost of
p per KW and with sleep mode operating
hours in 24, estimated energy cost is less
than 10p per day. The estimated cost for
heating and chilling water dispensed is:
Boiling water = eight 167ml cups for 1p
That’s 800 cups for £1)
Chilled water = twenty 200ml glasses for 1p
That’s 2,000 glasses for £1)
Boiling filtered water, instantly.
Chilled filtered water, instantly (DOMBC
Boiling and chilled temperature status
Fingertip control for filling cups.
Hands-free filling for large vessels.
Safety lock requires finger/thumb
operation to access boiling water.
Safety lock activated indicator light.
Boiling water supply can be isolated.
Precise boiling temperature control.
Optional energy saving sleep mode
powers down or powers off after two
hours non-use.
Sleep mode indication.
System returns to normal operation from
sleep mode when tap next used.
Programmable 24/7 timer shuts system
down during periods of known inactivity.
Superior sub-micron filtration.
Some functions are not available in
DOMHB1 boiling only model.
Filter/ Boiling
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