Page 212 - Raymac Sink & Tap Brochure 2012

A nostalgic collection of high quality period
reproduction taps await you over the next few
pages. If you are looking for a Victorian,
Edwardian or a Baroque theme then we will
definitely have the right tap for you.
Our traditional collection has been collated
from only respected British and European
manufacturers where authenticity and quality
has always been the overriding goal.
All these taps combine their historical
aesthetics with the same modern technology
used with their contemporary cousins,
ensuring smooth and efficient operation.
Gravity - it is very important that before you purchase
your tap you establish the water pressure in your
home. If you have a traditional hot water cylinder the
pressure will be determined by gravity only. Measure
the height from the bottom of your cold water storage
tank (usually located in the loft) to your kitchen tap -
the longer the drop the more pressure you will have -
see table below.
If you have a combination boiler these usually provide
a good level of pressure; usually between 1.5 - 2 bar
with an average mains pressure coming in to your
Bar = 3 foot head of pressure
Bar = 6 foot of pressure
Bar = 15 foot of pressure
Bar = 30 foot head of pressure
Look out for our minimum bar guides shown with each
tap, use in conjunction with this table to assist in selecting
the correct tap for your home.
About Water Pressure
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