Page 112 - Raymac Sink & Tap Brochure 2012

Cast Iron
Cast Iron
Topmount, Undermount & Apron Front
The gorgeous hues of KOHLER Enamelled Cast Iron let you bring your personality into your kitchen decor.
Its rich finish and long-lasting presence make a bold statement in your kitchen.
KOHLER Enamelled Cast Iron sinks are built with lasting beauty and the strength to withstand the test
of time. These sinks are produced in Wisconsin USA and are crafted from at least 80% recycled material, and they
come with a lifetime limited warranty.
KOHLER Enamelled Cast Iron embodies over 130 years of craftsmanship in the foundry. The manufactur-
ing process ensures that each piece is a genuine, handcrafted original.
Cast Iron is simply the best medium for sinks because of its extreme durability, its high gloss surface maintains a
rich finish that resists chipping, staining and denting and its sheer str ength enables the creation of beautiful
shapes and graceful lines. The authenticity of Cast Iron will complement other traditional kitchen features such as
your range cooker.
To retain your sink’s high gloss and rich lustre clean after use with a mild detergent
and then wipe down using a soft dry cloth, do not use abrasive cleaners or scourers
as these may dull the surface. We recommend Kohler Cast Iron cleaner is also used
which helps remove stubborn marks from cutlery or aluminium pans. Most Cast
Iron sinks are available with bottom basin racks which we recommend to protect
the surface. Please note it is not advised to use a plastic washing-up bowl as this
will damage the enamel surface by creating small scratches.
Care and Cleaning
Thunder Grey
Molten iron being poured at the Kohler foundry
The smelters, or are they the Ghost Busters
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